Executive and Life Coaching

This will deliver the depth of understanding, clarity of purpose and action you need as an individual or senior professional to reach your goals and objectives.

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You can expect to enhance performance, exceed personal objectives, transform difficult working relationships and attain productivity efficiencies.

We may start your coaching by ensuring you have complete clarity about your goals. However be assured that all the work we do will be bespoke to your individual, personal and professional needs.

Our work is a focussed exploration providing time to think and a major shift. It gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself, what you really want and how to deal with professional and personal challenges in a constructive, helpful way.

I help individuals and leaders like you to grow and improve their performance, eliminate blind spots and be open to constructive feedback. You will reduce the likelihood of failure and premature burnout and also experience an atmosphere in which you can express fears, failures and dreams.

The impact of Coaching for you is this:

Enjoy a greater level of clarity and focus about how future success looks and feels
Set clear goals and perform better action planning
Set detailed personal strategic plans and effective personal action plans
Develop business skills and effectiveness
Become better organised and significantly more efficient
Better manage key relationships
Solve problems
Learn a coaching style of management
Further your careers
Have a deeper level of self-awareness and self-knowledge
Understand your motives, personality capacities and values
Understand habitual behaviour, personality and leadership styles
Understand strengths and how best to leverage them
Experience greater enjoyment from your work role and life in general
Increase your levels of self-appreciation, self-care and self-control
Develop deep down confidence
Achieve a greater balance between intellect, emotions and instinct
Support that is transformational for you

Why I coach:
I coach because I have a talent for unlocking what is underneath issues you face and for helping you to see through them.

What clients like most…
“I don’t have to face things on my own”
“I was stuck but am now moving forward”
“It brings out the depth”
“I feel safe to open up”
“It is ok to take on my challenges”
“You are walking along with me”
“I can off load what I need to”

Recent comments from clients:
“I became accountable to myself and to the commitments I made to you during the sessions”
“I have found it easier to concentrate and focus on the right tasks”
“I have a calmer attitude to life”
“You encouraged me to mentally ‘let go’ of completed tasks or things that aren’t important”
“You have asked me excellent questions that have made me think”
“Having someone to talk to about my career and what I need to do on a regular basis is very useful and means I’m moving in the right direction”
“It keeps me questioning where I want to be”
“Doing the values exercise was useful – it made me think about what drives me”
“I have become clear about fulfilling my potential in ways other than just work”
“I now review my list of achievements each day and consider what has enabled me to achieve these and what got in the way of achieving even more”
I have worked through options and I now have a real insight into my choices and preferences”.
“I am focused on what I can control and my stress levels have fallen significantly”
“I am far more focused. Our sessions, along with the assignments, concentrated my mind and organised my thoughts into a much more coherent form”.

We can work together over a program of sessions or a single focussed day.
We can work face to face, by Skype or by phone.

Contact me to chat through your situation at sarah@saraholsen.co.uk or call me now on 01757 288969 to discuss