I’m an Executive Coach and Life Coach, based in York but working UK wide and internationally, with a range of skills you will find extremely useful.
I would like to put these to good use for you.

Would you like to:
– Know yourself better and achieve what you want
– Verbalise what is going round in head and compartmentalise it
– Improve your efficiency
– Be less bothered about how others act towards you
– Solve problems before you’ve realised it
– Have a clear list of objectives
– Focus on what you want to achieve
– Find it easier to remain positive
– Remain confident
– Work with someone who is friendly, down to earth and personable?

This is what I do for you:

* I enable people to significantly improve their lives!
* I work with businesses and people in those businesses who are not performing as well as they would like to.
* I enable them to get the breakthroughs they need so that they perform with excellence.

My Executive Coaching and Training will:
– Assist you to further extend your skills, performance and growth
– Support high achievers who want to continue to learn, grow and be more effective
– Support clients experiencing high pressure or burn-out
– Fill the development need for newly promoted senior managers or directors

Why I’m different:
– My coaching goes much deeper, is often profound and life changing. It is always practical and performance enhancing.
– It will give you
– A real depth of clarity
– An effortless shifting into increased competence
– Deep down, authentic confidence
– The practical insight into what to do and how to do it
– 1-2-1 tailored, expert support
– Access to NLP, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Hypnosis

My unique approach to coaching is based on over 10 years life coaching experience, further experience as a Chartered Accountant, as a senior executive in the corporate world and in a therapeutic setting (solving issues like smoking, weight loss, addictions, confidence and unclear life purpose).

Contact me if you would like to chat through your situation and how I can help and support you

My work with hundreds of previously unfulfilled, over-stressed clients and under-performing businesses has enabled them to break through barriers to success and achieve excellent performance through:

Life Coaching – for individual breakthroughs
Business Breakthrough Training – for impactful training and insightful seminars
Business Breakthrough Consulting – for business breakthroughs

I work across a wide range of industries and have a speciality within the Financial Services industry. You can work with me across the UK including in York, Manchester & London.

Contact me to chat  at sarah@saraholsen.co.uk or call me now on 01757 288969 to discuss